I started wedding blogging to avoid driving loved ones crazy with wedding talk. Almost five years later and it has taught me one of the most valuable life lessons.

How wedding blogging changed my life & why I’m taking a break

Blog, sweat and late nights

Looking back, I had never worked as hard – in the office (as an online writer and social media manager) and on this wedding blog – as I did during the year I got married. I was throwing myself into my work and my new hobby – passionate about weddings but desperate not to come across as the ditz of a bride-to-be at work.

Late into the night I emailed (see begged) photographers and recently married friends (and friends of friends) to feature their weddings, learnt to schedule social media updates, designed blog headers and badges (even though I’m not a designer) and read hundreds of related blogs and tutorials. Between wedding planning and wedding blogging, I pretty much didn’t have a life (my poor Mr).

At work, I was implementing what I learnt after hours and was I was doing well. It was only after the wedding that things started to fall apart…



Just in time for Valentine’s Day, food and travel blogger Krystle, from Kystle’s Corner, shares her cupcake recipe for two. Enjoy!

Cupcakes for Two http://ohdarlingdays.co.za/category/delicious-recipes



Baby Daniel

by Monique on February 4, 2015 · 0 comments

If you’re feeling broody, these baby photos might send you over the edge! I’m talking about chubbiness, dimples and a heart-melting picture of baby Daniel giving his mom the sweetest of smiles.

Baby Daniel  75

Photographer Matthew Carr, who is currently living in South Korea with his wife and will be back in South Africa next month, arranged a special visit to Cyprus to meet Daniel, his best friend’s baby boy. These are some of the gorgeous photos he took while there – we couldn’t have asked for a sweeter baby session to be the first of 2015!



When these neighbours made their love official, they combined modern minimalism with ornate vintage décor to create wedding that exudes sophisticated style!

Stellenbosch wedding by Darren Bester Photography - The Johnson Wedding-73 (66)

Lee and Lyall lived next door to each other but, their romance didn’t start while collecting the mail. If they hadn’t met at a mutual friend’s party, it might have taken them a lot longer to “love thy neighbour” enough to walk down the aisle together. The moral of the story, is be kind to your neighbour – you never know if they could turn out to be a great friend or… a husband! READ MORE


The Ugly Side of Pretty

by Monique on January 9, 2015 · 2 comments

While standing in front of a mirror, in a wedding dress with a zipper that wouldn’t close, I felt the weight of weddings. This is the ugly side of getting ready for what is supposed to be the prettiest day.  Yes, this is personal but I’m not alone…

The Ugly Side of Pretty: http://ohdarlingdays.co.za/2015/01/the-ugly-side-of-pretty.html

Many women have had similar experiences. It seems that, if a woman falls short of a certain standard of beauty, it’s as though she loses value.

You only had to have followed the nasty articles and tweets about Renee Zellweger’s appearance, when she stepped out at ELLE’s 21st annual Women In Hollywood Awards last year, to know that people feel the right to publicly pass judgement on a woman based solely on her looks.

When did that become okay?



Set in and around the magnificent Karkloof indigenous forest in Howick, Rochell and Wiam’s enchanting engagement session will forever be treasured illustrations of their modern-day fairy tale.

Wiam and Rouchell Summertown Pictures-18

Photographed in the Karkloof Canopy Tours’ forest, the photo shoot ended in the same place they had stopped after the proposal, a restaurant called the Yellowwood Café. “The whole shoot was kind of a re-living of their proposal, which I thought was kind of special,” said photographer Katie Wisdom of Summertown Pictures.

Here is their love story, as told by the groom-to-be…  READ MORE


True Love & Tulips {Wedding Inspiration}

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Bold and beautiful, this modern wedding inspiration session takes it’s cue from jewel coloured tulips.

Colourful tulip inspired wedding  (222)

Photographed by Samantha Jackson, the emphasis was on colour for this festive tulip-inspired styled wedding session, which took place at the Allesverloren estate.  READ MORE