Airbrushed Perfection {Make-up Advice from Lauren Smit}

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If you’re worried about your skin breaking out before your wedding day, make-up artist Lauren Smit is here to share her pro tips for flawless skin and perfect wedding make-up.

What a pleasure to welcome talented make-up artist Lauren Smit to the Darling Wedding Vendors! Lauren has over five years’ experience in make-up, hair styling and special effects for film, TV and fashion shoots and weddings. This Gauteng-based make-up artist  is one of the few makeup artists in South Africa offering airbrushed make-up to brides.

{Make-up by Lauren Smit | Photography by Tyme Photography}

Today we’re talking to Lauren about achieving a flawless complexion, how to cover up stress breakouts and make-up that stands up to the scrutiny of a camera lens.

What exactly is airbrush make-up?

Lauren: Instead of rubbing foundation into the skin, airbrushing is a way of spraying on foundation in fine mist. The result is a perfectly even cover and flawless complexion unlike anything else!

It’s a bit technical but this is how it works – the foundation is applied via a cone shaped spray in a pattern of thousands of tiny dots or “pixels” at a very low pressure. It feels similar to spraying your face with soft facial mister. The foundation pixels overlap on the skin providing perfect coverage without it feeling thick and heavy. The tiny “pixels” of foundation work to reflect light which to the human eye and camera lens, is perceived as beautifully smooth and radiant skin. Airbrush make-up minimising skin imperfections and because it’s evenly sprayed on, it feels lighter and gives a natural-looking finish.

But isn’t airbrush make-up more for models and celebrities?

Lauren: It might have started in the fashion industry but increasingly brides are turning to airbrush make-up because it gives them a natural flawless look that lasts as long as they do and when the camera zooms in, airbrushed brides don’t have anything to worry about.

But why airbrush when photographers use Photoshop to perfect images?

Lauren: Of course you could ask your photographer to Photoshop away blemishes and make dark circles under eyes disappear but your photographer can only do so much. What about all the photos friends and family will take, sometimes posting them on Facebook or twitter immediately? And then there’s the wedding video – can your videographer Photoshop your skin on your wedding film?

Regardless of your photographer’s Photoshop skills, you want to look your absolute best of your wedding day… even if you couldn’t sleep the night before or your skin broke out from stress (it happens). And if since you’re hiring an expensive photographer and videographer, you might as well go for movie-star worthy make-up!

Thanks for mentioning wedding videography. I don’t know too much about it but you’ve mentioned some pretty high-tech stuff about videos and airbrush make-up to me before. Could you explain that to the readers?

Lauren: Some wedding videographers record weddings in High definition (HD). Essentially HD footage is sharper, cleaner and more lifelike than regular video due to the higher number of pixels the camera records in each frame. HD video has by far a superior quality and better clarity also means that you see more detail – including blemishes and wrinkles! HD TVs provide images nearly 5-10 times sharper than standard television sets and this is where airbrushed make-up proves it’s superiority over traditional make-up.

That sounds pretty extreme, is airbrushed make-up safe for sensitive skins?

Lauren: That depends on the airbrush product that is used. I import my airbrush products from the US because I wanted the best quality for my clients. And because I am working on so many different skin types, I needed something with the benefit that it’s hypoallergenic and paraben-free which makes it an ideal choice for brides with sensitive skins. It’s also a non-comodogenic product, which means it doesn’t block pores, so it feels light on the day and you don’t need to worry about blocked pores while enjoying your honeymoon.

What is your advice for brides-to-be?

Lauren: Far too many women regret not considering their wedding hair and make-up a little more carefully. Your wedding day is one day you want to cherish, and that includes reliving the day every time you look at your wedding photos or watch your DVD. Chat to me about my packages before assuming professional airbrushed make-up is beyond your reach, I would love to help make sure you look and feel your very best on one of the biggest days in your life.

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{Photography} Supplied by Lauren Smit

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So stunning. Thank you.


2 Lesley Marks August 2, 2012 at 3:15 pm

Great advise here, we had the pleasure of working with Lauren, so talented and down to earth!!! love you work!!!


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