Spring Shape Up with Mia’s Training {Week 4}

by Monique on September 24, 2012 · 0 comments

High five to all the Oh Darling Days readers who have sweated through three weeks of the Spring Shape Up, a strength training programme designed by personal trainer and fitness darling Mia Mocke.

If you’re ready to move on to the Spring Shape Up Week 4, click here to download a printable version of the programme.

And darlings, please don’t feel disheartened if you’ve missed a workout, a week of workouts or simply don’t feel ready to move on to week 4.

I (Monique) had a cold last week and didn’t start week 3‘s programme. Not only am I a week behind where I had hoped to be, I had to face a hard truth when I stepped on the scale for the first time in months. It seems that my ‘little winter weight gain’ was a little more than I had thought! Eek!

Now I really hate dieting but if I’m completely honest, my diet sucks! I’ve been tucking into man-sized dinners, dishing up the same amount of food for myself that I serve my Mr! Sometimes I even swoop over his leftovers and suck them up like a human vacuum cleaner. Gross but true. And as for dessert…it’s no longer a treat in my house, it’s an expectation! Somehow I thought I was burning it all up…you know at my desk job and then after work while sitting on the couch working on freelance assignments and blogging. Guess I’m a wishful thinker! Ha ha.

So if you’re struggling to get into shape this spring, you’re not alone! Join me in getting back on track with regular workouts and healthy eating. It might not be easy at first but I’m pretty sure it will be worth it!

You can get started with the Spring Shape Up Week 1, then move on to Week 2, Week 3 and finally pop back here for Week 4.

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