Spring Shape Up with Mia’s Training {Week 2}

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 Well done for completing week 1 of Spring Shape Up! You should be feeling fitter, stronger and ready for week 2 of the four-week programme designed by personal trainer Mia Mocke.

If you want to look great in ‘The Dress,’ skinny jeans or your bikini, this programme is going to help you get toned and boost your body’s fat-burning capacity. 

What you’ll need: 2kg dumbbells and comfortable workout clothes.

How to track your progress: Measure the circumference of the tops of your arms, bust, waist and thighs. Alternatively slip into fitted clothes or a bikini, take a ‘before’ photo and at the end of the programme, take your ‘after’ photo to see how you shaped up.

Week 2: We’re adding two new moves to week’s 1 plan and increasing to 15 -20 reps for each move. Repeat the routine twice and complete this programme 3 – 4 times a week.

Four minute warm-up: March on the spot (60 seconds), jog on the spot (60 seconds), sprint on the spot lifting knees high (60 seconds) and step side-to-side while swinging arms (60 seconds).

CLICK HERE to see moves 1 – 5 or DOWNLOAD the Spring Shape Up Week 2 for all the moves. Here are the two new moves…

 6.  Triceps Dips (Tones: triceps/back of arms)

Place your hands on the edge of a sturdy low chair or coffee table with your feet on the ground and knees bent at 90 degrees. (A) Lower your body by bending the elbows (B) Extend the forearms and return to initial position. Repeat 15- 20 times.

7. Dumbbell lunge (Tones: quadriceps, gluteus)

Stand with feet shoulder width slightly apart, softly bent knees and a dumbbell in each hand. (A) Relax the arms and looking straight ahead take a big step forward with the right leg. Keep the torso as straight as possible and ensure your right thigh is horizontal with floor. (B) Pause and return to initial position before repeating the move with the left leg. That’s one rep. Repeat 10 times. TIP: Do not allow your knees to extend beyond your toes.

Please note: Should you choose to follow this programme, you do so at your own risk. If you have a medical condition or injuries, consult a medical practitioner before starting this programme. Should you experience any unusual pain while working through this programme, stop and consult a medical practitioner.

About Mia Mocke: Mia has a degree in Sport Science, is a personal trainer, spinning instructor and Bootcamp instructor. She believes a healthy and happy lifestyle requires both good nutritional habits and exercise. Mia finds it deeply satisfying to help others to reach their personal fitness and health goals and always aims to motivate, encourage and challenge her clients. She offers individual and group personal training in Stellenbosch, Somerset West, Strand and Paarl in the Western Cape. For more information, email Mia at miakempen@gmail.com and join her Facebook page for regular fitness inspiration.

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