Stacey and Wez’s Destination Wedding in Mozambique

by Monique on September 3, 2012 · 6 comments

Imagine holidaying in your favourite location with your best friends and closest family members? It sounds awesome and it’s exactly what Stacey and Wez did when they decided on Mozambique as their dream wedding destination. On a limited budget and with few wedding services in the area, this creative Durban couple designed a sensational rustic handmade wedding.

Much like their engagement shoot, the photographs by Knot Just Pics have an oh-so dreamy quality and capture this couple’s fun-loving spirit. I know you’ll enjoy the photos but make sure you read the post because Stacey has shared some super advice about designing a handmade wedding on a budget. It’s something she is so passionate about that she started Love Bucket, a handmade wedding shop and Southern Mozambique wedding coordination service.

Oh, and before your click ‘read more,’ I recommend you locate your passport because this wedding will tickle that travel bug!

{The Wedding}

When we got engaged we knew that we didn’t want a traditional wedding. We both love for Mozambique – it’s one our favourite places in the world! It was during one of our frequent visits, sitting at our favourite bar, the Sunset Shack in Ponta Malongane, while watching the sunset and drinking Rum & Raspberries, we decided Mozambique was where we wanted to get married.

I wanted to DIY everything, as we were sticking to a limited budget. Wez and I had poured our heart and soul into every handmade detail. But all the frills and fuss aside, the most memorable part of our destination wedding experience was watching our amazing family and friends and the amount of love that surrounded us. We couldn’t believe that 62 people had come all the way to Mozambique for us! It was so great, our guests were in holiday mode which made the atmosphere super relaxed and everyone got on so well!

{The Wedding Décor}

Even though we were getting married in Mozambique we weren’t that keen on a super “beachy” wedding. Our wedding theme was a mixture of Rustic, Vintage and Romance. All our wedding décor was handmade or bought from second-hand shops. It was so much fun collecting. My two favourite pieces were our vintage typewriter seating chart (R100) and our green leather vintage gift suitcase (R20). It truly is amazing how creativity can stretch that moola! We used second hand books and ornaments that were also bought from second hand stores to decorate the tables and I made bunting from some scrap booking card and ribbon. We gave all our guests enamel mugs with their names on as favours and it’s so cool to see everyone drinking out of them in the photos. We actually went to a braai the other night where everyone was still drinking out of them!

{Logistics of Love}

The greatest part of our wedding was that it was in Mozambique but we had to think outside the box on a few aspects of our wedding since there are limited services in the area. We transported the entire wedding, from the dresses to the décor, in the back of a Land Rover Defender. It was a little bit stressful driving up with all our hard worked packed up and on route. There’s no florist or baker in the area so I made bouquets using satin lavender and one of my bridesmaids, ‘Sheryl the Cook,’ made the most scrumptious chocolate brownies the night before the wedding. So in the end, we had our cake and we got to eat it!

{Advice for Brides-To-be}

If the thought of the destination wedding has ever crossed your mind, do it! There is something so special about experience of sharing a gorgeous location and that holiday vibe with your guests! Just make sure you plan in advance and ensure your guests know that they are responsible for booking their own accommodation. You don’t want to turn into a glorified travel agent and coordinate travel plans of such a large group, so give your guests enough information to help them make their own plans.

If you have a mom or sister, let them help and share in the planning of your big day. I grew much closer to my two special favourite people during the planning stages. They listened to all my weird and wonderful ideas and overall it was just so magical to share everything with them.

Enjoy the whole experience of wedding planning! Remember at the end of the day it is your wedding and no one will notice what doesn’t go exactly to plan and anyway, who cares?! Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Pick a photographer you feel comfortable with. Our photographers are super cool folks and we immediately formed a bond with them. It really helped to do a pre-wedding shoot, we not only got to know the photographers better but it also gave Wez and I some practice for the big day.

We had so much fun on our wedding day shoot in the Mozambique market; we even got some of the local kids involved! They love the camera!

Lastly, make sure you meet with your DJ so that he understands your taste. Music is the life and soul of your party so make sure yours is ROCKING! Once all the formalities were over, we had a proper spontaneous dance off, it was fabulous!

{Photography} Knot Just Pics {Venue} Praia do Óuro Sol, Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique {Wedding Dress} Kathrin Kidger {Hair} Laura Halgreen {Make-Up} Kaitlin Nuttall {DJ} Mike Zuma from Top Jocks


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1 Clade Sprunt September 5, 2012 at 8:19 am

I was at Wez and Stace’s wedding and it was FABULOUS!! Truly one of the single most memorable weddings ive ever been to. The vibe was truly that of a typical mozam holiday, everyone was so happy and relaxed, ive never danced so much in my life, with peopel I dont know from a bar of soap. Wez and Stace are both very special..and their wedding just proofed that.

I so wish I had known them sooner in my life, Stace would have made our wedding just as dreamy and special.. She is a star!

Well done guys ;-)


2 Amy September 5, 2012 at 8:47 am

What a gorgeous and inspiring wedding! Love the new look Monique :) Well done!


3 Caley September 6, 2012 at 8:41 pm

WOW!! What a beautiful wedding and stunning photographs x


4 Michael and Carina Photography November 29, 2012 at 5:03 pm

Super sweet looking couple!


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