Wedding Make-up and Hair Trends for 2013/2014

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Wedding pros and bloggers are talking about the fact that weddings are starting to look so alike, or as Huffington Post writer Rachel Weight put it – “Pin-dictable.” Now darlings, I love rustic, shabby-chic and vintage weddings – heck, my wedding was one – but I have to agree,  it’s time to embrace new ideas. So when SA Weddings invited me to Carl Isaacs’s 2013 Wedding Make-up and Hair Trend Forecast, I was interested to see what one of the top South African make-up artists had in mind.


And let me tell you darlings, I was impressed! Carl and his assistant Heidi created three unique bridal looks which were complemented by exquisite headpieces designed and made by Heike of Fleur Le Cordeur. I took notes and a few behind-the-scenes photos so, if you’re in search of a fresh bridal look or simply want to learn a few styling tricks from the best, you’ll love this post!

{Look 1} The Modern Victorian Bride 


Inspired by the Victorian era, Carl gave the first look a modern twist by creating textured up-do adorned with fynbos (flora indigenous to South Africa) and glittery brooches.

By wrapping front pieces of hair around metal hair pins and heating with a hair straighter, Carl created frizzed textured sections which he then pulled back into the bun.

“Buns are a huge trend at the moment, and I just love how clean and classy they look!” said Carl.

Trend Alert: Buns aren’t the only trend in this look – Carl believes that we’ll be seeing more natural elements, like flowers, mixed with ‘fake’ items, like the glittery brooches in this headpiece.

When it came to the make-up, Carl kept it simple and light. Instead of a full foundation, he only used concealing colour correction where it was needed.

“A mistake brides often make is to wear too much make-up,” said Carl. “It’s like ‘hello, where’s the girl?!’ If I’m doing make-up for a girl with great skin, even if she has freckles, I will only cover what I need to and let the rest of her skin shine through.”

The model arrived with dark liner of her top eyelids which suited the look perfectly. To colour the model’s lips and cheeks, he used his new dual purpose cream lip and blush colour, part of his new range to be launched soon. The colour is a “build-able” so on the cheeks he used very little and built the colour on the lips. He used white and metallic gold highlighter on the cheekbones.

Make-up Tip: If you use too much cream blush, Carl recommends ‘buffing’ it out or toning it down with cream foundation.

He filled in the eyebrows because as he said, “those big Brooke Shields eyebrows are back!”

{Look 2} The Edgy & Inked Bride 


“If you have a tattoo like this,” said Carl pointing out the model’s tattoo down her spine, “Why hide it?! It’s part of who you are.”

In order to show off the model’s tattoo, Carl used a wet look gel to pull her hair back into low twist and tie ballet bun.

Hair Styling Tip: Carl used a dark hair net and said that’s it’s the best bun invention because it “tucks all those little strands in.”  If you want a neat bun, buy a hair net, often sold in pharmacies.

Concealing colour correction was used where needed, highlighter brushed on the model’s cheekbones and down the centre of her nose. For her eyes, he used applied eye-shadow and mascara.

Make-up Tip: If you have very straight eyelashes, Carl recommends using the Ardell heated eyelash curler. And to get the best out of your mascara, he recommend applying one coat, allowing it to dry, brushing through with a clean eyelash brush and then applying the second coat.




Trend Alert: Wet-look gel is back!

The show-stopper was the amazing floral headpiece, made by Heike of Fleur Le Cordeur, which ran down the models back alongside her tattoo.  Using metallic gold thread, tulips, orchids and berries were woven into a a colourful and utterly exquisite headpiece.

{Look 3} The 1920’s Pretty in Pastels Bride 


The next look was inspired by the 1920’s and the pastel trend.

“A big mistake make-up artists and women make when it comes to dark skin is to use one colour foundation or the wrong product,” said Carl, “Using only one shade flattens the face and if you use the wrong product, it can make the skin look grey.”

Carl explained that not only do black women have two or three shades in their skin and therefore require more than one shade of foundation, but foundations that contain titanium dioxide look slightly grey on dark skin.

Make-up Tip: Carl recommends using a lighter shade in the triangular area from the both corners of the eye to the nose. You could use a darker shade under the cheekbones and along the jaw where the skin is naturally darker.


Carl wanted to prove that black women could embrace the pastel trend by simply “building the colour.”

Make-up Tip: To achieve a pastel eye-shadow on dark skin, Carl used a burgundy eye-shadow on the model’s eye lid and then swept a lighter pastel peach over it to “build the colour.” To define the eye, he swept black liquid liner over the lash-line.

Instead of long hair extensions, Carl went for a 1920’s inspired short bob, which accentuated the models gorgeous high cheekbones. The look was completed with an opulent beaded tiara to prove that this pastel bride is no wallflower!

Trend Alert: Pastels are no longer wishy-washy and bobs are back!

“I’ve seen a lot of girls with bobs now,” said Carl, “so this trend could find it’s way into weddings… and why not?!”

Why not indeed! When I think about, these looks are less about setting or following trends and more about proving that you don’t have to follow the conventional ‘princess-bride-look.’  Toss out the rules on what a bride should or shouldn’t look like and instead, find a make-up look and a hairstyle that embodies your style and makes you feel like beautiful!

 {Host} SA Weddings {Hair and Make-up} Carl Isaacs {Headpieces} Fleur Le Cordeur {Venue} Lagoon Beach Hotel 

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Pretty photography Monique.

Love the fact that we can see every detail to appreciate the beautiful wedding gowns as well.


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