Twine Wrapped Potted Plants {Decor DIY}

by Monique on June 25, 2013 · 1 comment

Embrace the botanical trend by upscaling plastic pots with twine to create living centrepieces.

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Sweet and simple, today’s DIY décor project is ideal if you’re looking for eco-chic wedding centrepiece and favour ideas, a cost-effective house-warming gift or simply want to start an pretty indoor garden in your home. Have fun crafting! 

{The Materials} 

  • Wood glue or a hot glue gun (I used wood glue)
  • Twine, string or wool (I used string)

  • Old, clean plastic pots and drip trays

  • Newspaper to work on and a paint brush or cardboard strips

  • Drainage stones, potting soil, organic compost and plants (I used succulents and a spider plants harvested from my garden)

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{The Method} 

Step 1: Make sure the plastic plant pot is clean and dry. Using a paintbrush (if you don’t mind ruining it) or a piece of cardboard to spread wood glue over the top or bottom section of a pot (I started at the bottom).

Step 2: Start wrapping the twine over the glue covered section. Wrap the twine tightly, pushing it with your fingers when required to avoid gaps. Once the glue section is covered, smear glue over the next section and continue wrapping the twine until the pot is covered.

Step 3: Cut the twine when you can no longer wrap it around the pot. Use an extra blob of glue to secure the ends of the twine, at the top and bottom of the pot.

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Step 4: Once the pot is dry, fill the pot a forth or firth of the way with drainage stones, carefully add a layer of organic compost on top and then add potting soil.

Step 5: Using a small spade or your fingers, barrow into the soil to create a hole in the middle of the pot. The hold should be big enough to accommodate the roots of the plant.

Step 6: Place the plant’s root in the hole, cover with soil and secure the plant by gentle pressing the soil down around the roots. Add a layer of drainage stones, if you like the look, place the drip-tray under the pot and water the plant.

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Quick Tip: If you water the plant to the extent that water sits in the drip tray, the twine may start to rot. To avoid this you could use a smaller pot and drip tray for the plant and fit it inside the covered pot. Alternately, plant drought-resistant succulents (like echeveria and spekboom) and water-wise plants (like spider plants) as they only need a sprinkle of water once in a while.

Budget-Friendly Tip: Use succulent cuttings from your garden. Both spekboom and echeveria are easily grown from cuttings.

Now all you have to do is position your twine wrapped potted plants, either as bang on-trend botanical wedding centrepieces, as wedding favour place settings or in your home as the start of a darling little indoor garden.

wedding decor DIY string wrapped pot plants on

{Photography} Monique Warner  & one photo by my Mr

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