Cape Royale Hotel Equinox Spa Day {Beauty Tips & Snippets}

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Whether you’re the bride or a guest, weddings inspire us to want to look and feel our best. And while I’m always keen to pick up a few beauty tips, I didn’t expect to be invited to join Cape Town’s top beauty editors and fashion bloggers for a spa day at The Cape Royale Hotel. Um…gulp!

Media spa day at Equinox Spa at Cape Royale Hotel in Green Point, Cape Town

But when an Equinox Spa Day invite arrives in your inbox from Red Carpet Events, how could anyone say no?!

I arrived at the spa and was escorted to a suite-turned-pamper-party venue which overlooked the city. The views were spectacular! After chatting, eating stir-fry and taking photos, I was called for my first treatment.

3 Things we need to know about facials 

I was treated to a (long overdue) facial with Nakita from TheraVine™, a scientifically based beauty product that uses viticultural by-products from Western Cape vineyards to make a spa range that is high in anti-ageing antioxidants and has natural healing properties.

Nakita was lovely and chatty so while she treated me to a divine facial, I asked her a few beauty questions…

1. Why are facials important?

Having a facial at your salon gives your skin a much needed boost and it’s recommended to go for a facial once a month. Essentially you’re going for a specialised treatment – one you can’t do on your own at home. Example of specialised treatments includes deep exfoliation treatments, extractions and the use of steam and certain machines.

Additionally, during your facial a trained therapist is able to correctly diagnose skin types and conditions and, using her expertise, will effectively treat your concerns and compose a home care skin care regime to suit your specific needs.

2. When should a bride-to-be start going for facials and how often?

The moment you get engaged is the moment you should start thinking about your skin. To start with, using the correct skin care regime is important to ensure a healthy looking skin on your wedding day.

Once you’re following a good skin routine – cleansing, toning and moisturising – you should try going for a facial at least once a month, regardless if you’re getting married or not.

3. I’ve heard that you shouldn’t have a facial too near your wedding date or a special occasion, why is that?

It’s not recommended that you try a new facial product just before your wedding date because you don’t know how you skin may react.

For example, after a certain type of facial you might have a breakout. It might not be the product itself, but how it’s reacting with your hormones at the time. You might have had the same facial before, with great results, but a few weeks later the same facial, applied during a different stage of your hormonal, could have a totally different effect.

I advise brides to have a facial at least two to three weeks before their wedding day. The recommended type of facial is a moisture boosting facial as it plumps the skin and improve the texture and tone.

I wouldn’t advise the bride to try any new products before her wedding and to avoid doing extractions or any type of skin peeling or deep exfoliation.

Becoming a golden girl

My My TheraVine™ UltraVine™ Advance Cellular Gold Facial treatment included a UltraVine™ Advance Rejuvenating Gold Collagen Film, a luxurious treatment that helps rejuvenate dehydrated and dull looking skin.

The film is infused in a plant-sourced collagen film which helps brighten the skin’s complexion, lock-in moisture and fight the signs of aging. Added to that is a soft 24K Gold and sparkling Diamond Dust – yes, gold! This enhances the effects and ensures the skin has a vibrant, golden glow. My skin looked great afterwards – like I had been on a lovely, long holiday.

Strawberry and chocolate cupcakes at Cape Royale Hotel in Green Point, Cape Town

Spa Day at Cape Royale Hotel in Green Point, Cape Town on Nitida Wine

A view from the Cape Royale Hotel in Green Point, Cape Town

Time for tea & a treat for the feet 

After my facial, I had some time to chat, snack and try some of the most delicious teas from The Tea Merchant. My next treatment was a soothing Mama Mio foot and calf treatment  – the perfect antidote to tired feet and a lovely way to end off my Equinox Spa Day.

A big thanks to the Cape Royale HotelEquinox SpaRed Carpet Events and all the awesome sponsors for spoiling this blogger – it was a real treat!

Eats and flowers at spa media day at the Cape Royale Hotel in Green Point, Cape Town on Spa Media Day protea

Window at Cape Royale Hotel in Green Point, Cape Town

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