Does Adventure Boot Camp Really Work?

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Ever wondered if Adventure Boot Camp could help you slim down and tone up? I got to find out!

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If you’ve contemplated joining one of the nationwide Adventure Boot Camps, with the aim of toning up for your wedding day or bikini season, you’ve probably wondered if it really works. I was invited to join a camp and found out the truth – the good, the bad and the sweaty… 

What is Adventure Boot Camp?

Adventure Boot Camp is a four week, outdoors, ladies only fitness programme. Each weekday session is an hour long and includes everything from core exercises, power walking, circuit training, running, Pilates and sports drills to obstacle courses.

Yip, boot camp is intense but I needed intense. You see, while I managed to lose some weight for my wedding, through exercise and watching what I ate, fast forward almost three years and I had gained weight, lost muscle tone and while I still exercised, it was more sporadic than habitual. In short, I needed a kick start!

So Does Adventure Boot Camp Work?

I completed a three-day a week boot camp for four weeks and, in case you’re wondering if it helped me slim down, darlings, I didn’t lose a gram! However, I lost centimetres around my waist, arms and thighs.


The thing about boot camp is that you can’t measure your success by the scale. On the first day of camp our trainer, Tracy, told us that if we really wanted to measure our success, we needed to forget about the scale and fill in the measurement cards she gave us. We would be able to see our success by comparing our starting measurements with our measurements on the last day of camp.

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Now I’m short, pear-shaped and one of the world’s worst dieters so I was thrilled that, without following one of the healthy eating plans (devised by a dietitian and available to all boot campers), I lost 2cm around my waist, 1cm off each thigh, and waved goodbye to 1cm of my bye-bye arm flab. Yay!

No More Muffin-Topping

My results might not sound like much “on paper” but it made a big difference to me. Thanks to one boot camp, I no longer muffin-top over of my tightest jeans, I feel more comfortable and confident in fitted tees and, amazingly to me, I started getting compliments on my ‘fit’ figure – that’s new to me!

Would I Do It Again?

I’m glad you asked. I would… and I did! Although my first camp was sponsored, I hadn’t planned on signing up and paying for the next camp. But then I had an epiphany… in a changing room, of all places!

I was trying on dresses for a friend’s wedding and was pleasantly surprised to see, after slipping into a straight, fitted dress (a no-no for pear-shaped girls), that the girl in the mirror looked so much better than I usually did – she didn’t have those big old saddlebags.

The next dress I tried on was perfect – a classic and flattering A-line cut in cobalt blue. I realised that I could buy this dress, and look good for a day, or wear a dress I already had and use that money towards my next boot camp. Suddenly it made sense – paying for boot camp was a better way to invest in my happiness than a little retail therapy could ever be!

Adventure Boot Camp South Africa  (2)Crushing Excuses

If you think that your time and money spent on something like boot camp is waste, ask yourself if you deserve to be fit, healthy, happy and feel confident in your skin

It sounds odd but when you think about it, we often deny ourselves the things we really need, using excuses like “It’s too expensive!” or “I don’t have the time,” when actually the truth is, deep down inside, we don’t think we’re worth investing in.

I know that was the real reason for my initial hesitation about signing up. And I’m so glad I got past it because besides shaving off centimetres, having access to a personal trainer, getting fit and having fun with a great group of girls, one of the most profound things I learnt at Adventure Boot Camp is that I’m worth the time and the effort! Are you?

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{Photography} Supplied {Disclosure} While I had the opportunity to complete one Adventure Boot Camp (four weeks), I received no other remuneration to write this review. Opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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