I Do at Radisson Blu {Cape Town Hotel & Wedding Venue}

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Imagine saying, “I do” in the warm afternoon sunshine with a blue backdrop of ocean and sky.

Radisson Blu Waterfront Cape Town Collage SA

That’s what I pictured while looking out from the Radisson Blu Waterfront’s pool area at a blue view that seemed to have no end.

Nicky Arthur PR invited a few wedding industry pros to a site inspection, a foot treatment and a lunch at the popular Cape Town hotel. I considered my deadlines and decided that it was in my best interest to get out and live it up for an afternoon! 

Taking the Tour 

Champagne, grapetizer and hors d’oeuvres were served on arrival. The hotel’s resident wedding planner, Comien Groeneveld, then took us on a tour. She pointed out the possible wedding ceremony locations and the cocktail and reception venue.

The next stop was one of the hotel’s suites. With its large glass doors, white walls and sweeping views over the ocean, it’s a fantastic room for bridal portraits!

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Radisson Blu spa in Cape Town DSC_2122-2

Did Someone Say Foot Massage?

After a quick tour of the Amani African Spa, we put our feet up and enjoyed a soul-soothing foot massage and treatment. It was so good that it was hard to put my shoes back on when it was time for lunch.

WEB RES Radisson Blu DSC_2141

WEB RES Sorbet starter at Radisson Blu DSC_2149-2

The Best Table in the House 

A wedding-inspired table awaited us in the outdoor restaurant. Lunch started with the Chef’s Choice Specialty Sorbet. No one said what it was in it so we had fun letting our taste buds guess. I’m sure it included mango and litchi.

WEB RES Radisson Blu Weddings www.ohdarlingdays.co.za DSC_2146

The main course was Whole Roasted Free-range Lamb Tenderloin with Wild Mushroom Risotto, Grilled Zucchini and Truffle Jus. Too often I forget to tell people that I rarely eat red meat. When I admitted that I was not good meat-eating South African, a waiter whisked the plate away and presented me with grilled fish. It was delicious!

WEB RES Fish at Radisson Blu DSC_2150

WEB RES Radisson Blu Weddings www.ohdarlingdays.co.za DSC_2140

What I lack in appetite for meat, I make up with my appreciation for a good dessert! And we were in for a treat with Burnt English Cream with shortbread and melting chocolate spring rolls.

WEB RES Radisson Blu dessert DSC_2152-1

WEB RES Lunch at Radisson Blu in Cape Town DSC_2147

The Verdict
It seems to me that the Radisson Blu Waterfront is more than an impressive hotel – it’s also a fabulous, modern wedding venue.

They offer mouth-watering menu options for wedding parties of between 50 to 120 guests. They also include an indulgent honeymoon suite for the wedding night and a one-year anniversary dinner voucher.

If that sounds good to you, contact reservations on +27 21 441 3000 or email capetown.info@radissonblu.com for more information.

WEB RES Radisson Blu walking along the pier www.ohdarlingdays.co.za DSC_2171

{Photography} Monique Warner for Oh Darling Days {Disclosure} While I enjoyed the afternoon at Radisson Blu Waterfront, I received remuneration to write this review and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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