5 Bridal Beauty Essentials

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These bridal beauty essentials that will help ensure you’re photo-ready throughout your big day.

5 Bridal Beauty Essentials: http://ohdarlingdays.co.za/?p=7151

After tears and “The Kiss,” your hair and make-up still has withstand greeting, congratulatory kisses and hugs, a family photo session and a couple photo session before you even make it to the reception! In other words, you need a few beauty essentials so you can touch up. 

Although brides don’t usually carry a handbag, it doesn’t mean you can pack a beauty kit and ask your maid of honour or mom to keep it for you. That’s what I did. I bought a tiny wrist strap bag (in gold to match my wedding colour scheme) and packed a little stash of beauty essentials.

Here are beauty essentials every bride should have on the day…

1. Lipstick

Lipstick is the first to fade and rub off. And I don’t know about you, but I’m yet to find a long-lasting lipstick (eight hours plus) that doesn’t dry out my lips. So pucker up and pack lipstick. In fact, you could even do one better and pack two – a pretty, soft shade of lipstick for the day and a darker, more dramatic shade to apply after the sun sets. I wish I had done that!

2. Compact Power

Glowing is a good thing, a shiny forehead is not. If you have an oily or combination skin, there’s a good chance that your skin oils will break through that foundation at some point during the day – especially if it’s hot. A compact power is your best defence.

3. Tissues

Yes, you need them to wipe away tears but tissues are also handy when it comes to touching up your make-up. When it’s hot, use them to gently pat your face dry without removing make-up. If you notice an oil slick starting on your forehead, use a tissue to blot and then apply compact powder.  Blotting with a tissue helps reduce oil so you need less compact powder and don’t end-up looking like you landed face first into a bowl of baking flour.

4. Cotton buds

Cotton buds are so versatile and can be used in place of small make-up brushes or to simple clean-up a make-up smudge. For example, if your eye-liner has smudges, use a cotton bud to gently clean it up. Want to reapply your lipstick with maximum definition? Use a cotton bud in place of a lip-lining make-up brush, draw a line around the edges of your lips and apply the lipstick directly to centre of the lips to fill in the rest.

5. Hair Clips

Blame over-the-shoulder hugs, the wind or dancing like its 1999, but after a few hours your gorgeous up-do will take some hits. Make sure you have some hair clips on hand so you can catch any lose strands of hair.

And finally, this is not a beauty product but it could save your dress – band aids. If you knick your finger, band it up so you don’t want to get any blood on your pretty dress. They’re also a blister buffer if your shoes start rubbing against the back of your heels.

I hope these tips help you feel beautiful throughout your big day.  And if you enjoyed this, read Hey Gorgeous {How to Look Good in Photos} for clever posing tips.

Notes on make-up photographed: Instead of compact powder, I used dr feelgood by Benefit. It’s a balm that can be applied over make-up to minimise shine and smooth away the appearance of fine lines. It did reduce shine but has grainy texture and frankly, I think using a tissue and compact powder would have done the job for a lot less. The lipstick is Benefits’ Sugar Cookie. It’s a great shade for pale ladies like me, it’s supposed to be build-able colour – so the more applied, the more intense the shade – and was super moisturising. Photo by me. 

 Got something to add to the list? I’d love to know so feel free to comment below. 

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