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A wedding is all about the bride and groom but today, the mothers deserve a mention.

Sweet family wedding photo
Karen says that her DIY wedding probably wouldn’t have happened without her mom, Jeanette. This resourceful mother-of-the-bride learnt how to make bouquets from videos she found on Pinterest.  Not only did she make all of the bouquets, she crafted the centrepieces, escort cards and, with the help of her partner, made an arch for Karen and Chris’s wedding day too. Now that’s love!

Jeanette is not the only mom to help make a DIY wedding possible, Oh Darling Days has featured many weddings in which the mothers of the brides and grooms have baked, arranged and stitched together beautiful DIY weddings (counted amongst them is my own mom).

So inspired by this lovely wedding, and with Mother’s Day on Sunday, let’s take a moment this weekend to celebrate and cherish our moms. 

Gorgeous bridal hairstyle

wedding make-up

Intimate DIY wedding in Tulbugh (39)

Intimate DIY wedding in Tulbugh (10)

How We Met

Chris and I met through Chris’s room mate, Jan (who later became the best man). Jan helped me when I had car trouble. To say thank you, I invited Jan over to for a braai at the apartment I shared with my sister. Jan brought Chris with him. Chris and I were inseparable after that braai.

Intimate DIY wedding in Tulbugh (32)

Intimate DIY wedding in Tulbugh (25)

Intimate DIY wedding in Tulbugh (38)

Navy blue groom's suite


The Proposal

Chris proposed to me on Lions Head on literally the hottest day in Cape Town ever! He jokes, telling his friends, that he made me work for it.

Chris and I had been together for almost five years when he proposed. Although we had previously looked at ring, it was more tongue-in-cheek with me teasing him. The proposal came totally out of the blue, as he maintained he never wanted to get married.

The night before, we were at dinner with friends in Somerset West. To save us from a long drive home, they invited us to stay off for the night but Chris made an excuse saying, “I like my own bed.”

The next morning, we stopped off at his mother’s house to visit and then he asked if I wanted to go for a hike. I was a bit reluctant because of the heat, but went anyway as the view from Lions Head is amazing!

Chris had to practically drag me up. About half way up, there’s an outcrop of rocks (most Capetonians will know about this) where we stopped off there for a rest. Chris seemed nervous and kept digging in his camera bag. I ignored this, as he had just bought a new camera lens.

While I was taking in the amazing view, Chris came to sit next to me and looked at me with “deer in headlights” eyes. It took me a while to see the ring in his hand. I didn’t even have a chance to say anything as he put the ring on my finger.

On the way home I called my mom to tell her the news and messaged one of my friends, by the time we got home Chris and I had over 20 messages on our phones and 35 likes of Facebook, the drive home was only 15 minutes and we hadn’t put anything on Facebook.

Intimate DIY wedding in Tulbugh (26)

Intimate DIY wedding in Tulbugh (37)

Intimate DIY wedding in Tulbugh (1)

Intimate DIY wedding in Tulbugh (13)

Intimate DIY wedding in Tulbugh (14)

Intimate DIY wedding in Tulbugh (15)

The Wedding Venue

From the onset Chris and I wanted a small intimate wedding. The wedding was held entirely outdoors, on the grounds on Mont Rouge in Tulbagh.

Chris is originally from Ceres, the neighbouring town to Tulbagh, so it was really special for him to get married near to where he grew up. The venue was even recommended by a childhood friend.

The ceremony was held under the willow trees, next to a stream. And afterwards, our guests sipped locally produced Nuy Valley wine under a fairly-light lit tent.

Intimate DIY wedding in Tulbugh (29)

Intimate DIY wedding in Tulbugh (16)

Intimate DIY wedding in Tulbugh (20)

Intimate DIY wedding in Tulbugh (21)

The Colour Scheme

The colour scheme happened by mistake. I always dreamed of an all-white wedding, but couldn’t decide what colour my best ladies could wear? Chris said he will wear any colour, except pink. I found the bridesmaids dresses at Posh Frocks.  Chris the colour was happy with the colour so we went from there – colbalt blue with white, cream and touches of silver.

The Wedding Theme & DIY

We kept getting asked, “What is your theme?” and we were like, “wedding!”

I honestly was never the girl who dreamed about her “big day and dream wedding,” I already had the man of my dreams – who needed more?

The wedding probably wouldn’t have happened without my mom, Jeanette, who made all of the bouquets, centrepieces and escort cards.  The bouquets were a complete surprise as I only chose the sort of flowers I liked five days before the wedding. My mom learned how to make bouquets from Pinterest videos and travelled from Cape Town to Tulbagh with the flowers!

She even made an arch with the help of her partner, Bob, and the local hardware store owners. A family friend made thousands of little meringues and my sister tied them into little gift bags- the raffia stained her hands smurf blue!

The Wedding Budget

As a young couple starting out, we had a lot of other expenses so our wedding was on a tight budget. My father helped us immensel , even though he secretly wanted us to get married on his farm.

The Memorable Moments

The most significant part of the day other than our vows ,was when our minster called both sets of parents up to pray with us as a “family”.

I walked down the aisle to one of our special songs, ‘So Easy’ by Phillip Phillips. The recessional was the theme tune of Star Wars, a special gift to my nerd of a husband. Chris, his groomsmen and the rest of the men loved it!

Chris always said if we get married he wants a bring-and-braai, would charge people entrance and sell braai packs at the door. So I settled for a spit braai with Nuy Valley Wines – which is owned by his uncle –  and an open bar.

Our cake toppers paid homage to our favourite series – DR Who. We had a lemon meringue cake with mini meringues for the guests. And the confetti was from a friends’ garden. We danced the night away under a fairy light tent. It truly was just a magical day.

Wedding in Tulbugh

Intimate DIY wedding in Tulbugh (33)

Intimate DIT wedding in Tulbugh

Intimate DIY wedding in Tulbugh (23)

Advice for Brides-To-Be

  • Get a good photographer and if you can squeeze the budget a bit, a videographer
  • Keep note of the small expenditures – they creep up
  • Make dates when you do not talk about the wedding- men get irritated and other people get bored
  • To keep perspective, ask yourself why you are getting married. Is it because of the imported dress, vintage champagne or because you are making a commitment to each other? I didn’t even notice a lot of things that went wrong – they actually have made for amazing stories! 

Intimate DIY wedding in Tulbugh (17)

{Photography} Edward Duckitt {Venue} Mont Rouge {Brides Dress} The Wedding Boutique {Bridesmaids’ Dresses} Posh Frocks {Groom’s Suite} Just Japs {DJ} Gert van Niekerk from GJSmobiledicos {Bride and Bridesmaids’ Hair} Studio 49 {Bride and Bridesmaids’ Make up} Ilze Treurnicht {Bride and bridesmaids’ Hair Clips} Bella Chiara {Cake Toppers} Anastasia from Edible Love {Minister} Morne Mundey

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