Couple Photos: 6 Poses for Couples

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Worried about how you and your Mr will look in your engagement or wedding day couple photos?

6 Poses for Couples

Now you can stop stressing because Abigail, of Abigail K Photography, has posing covered! Here are her posing tips to help you look and feel their best in front of the camera. Over to Abigail! 

“The couple shoot needs to be quick and painless.”  I hear this all the time – especially from the grooms.

When I first started out in wedding photography, I got this reaction whenever the topic of the wedding day couple’s shoot came up. I wondered why it garnered such a negative response, especially when it’s supposed to be one of the happiest days in a couple’s journey together.

Then I realised that the response, which is not unlike that which precedes the extraction of a pre-molar, is more about the couple’s reluctance to do something they are unfamiliar with in front of someone they don’t know and, if they screw up, they’ll be stuck with those photos forever!

Their hesitation is more about being out of their comfort zone and less about the shoot itself. This made me realise that, if I could teach my clients a thing or two about the couple shoot BEFORE their wedding day, the fear factor would be a little less intense.

6 Basic Couple Poses

That’s when I mapped out some foundations on which to base poses that position the couple in relation to each other and the camera. These basics can be built upon and form the starting point for getting authentic, natural looking photos.

1. The Classic

Abigail K Photography-Classic

This is your classic hug pose – hence the name. The body language is generally up close and personal. It’s the essential ‘couple’s in love’ pose. Pull each other in tight let your other half know how much you love them. This pose evokes real and genuine emotion.

2. Face-Off

This is a more quirky pose intended as an editorial shot where it’s clear that you’re aware of the camera. When placed in front of a wall/doorway/stretch of field or avenue, this pose is great for putting context to your wedding day as well as showing off your fabulous threads!

Abigail K Photography-Face Off

3. Back-Off

Walking away from the camera, this is another contextual pose that sets the scene and almost gives the viewer a voyeuristic glance into your world.

Abigail K Photography-Back Off

 4. T-Junction

Abigail K Photography-T-Junction Boy

With a boy and a girl version, this pose is great for emulating natural body language. Also, it’s great for focusing on one main subject, while the other one is there as a complimentary feature in the composition. This pose is also great for making the guy appear strong and steadfast while making the girl appears contented and in love.

 5. Got Your Back

Abigail K Photography-Got Your Back Girl

Another pose with a boy and girl version, this pose again emphasises natural interaction between the couple. When the girl’s in front, she’s being ‘protected’ by the guy and when he’s in front – she’s leaning in and cuddling him.

Abigail K Photography-Got Your Back Boy

6. Lean on Me

Abigail K Photography-Lean On Me

This cute and playful pose, when pulled off correctly, makes for a very sweet coupling. Whether seated or standing, the pose communicates contentedness, friendship and togetherness. You could imagine doing this with your loved one, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, when you’re just enjoying each other’s company.

Practice makes perfect

Having learnt and practiced these poses, you and your photographer can build on them, using hand placement, head position, expression and camera angle to create a variety of beautiful and natural images made all the more authentic because you as the couple will be relaxed, in love and having fun.

So go on, practice your moves and make the couple shoot something to look forward to on your wedding day!

About Abigail K Photography

Through couture portraiture and bridal photography, Abigail K’s mission is to create, entertain, inspire, transform and empower. Her style is emotive, feminine, and playful. Her approach is relaxed with clear guidance and direction. For more information, visit  and feel free to download her Free Posing Basics PDF.

Thanks for the superb advice Abigail!

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So what’s your favourite pose? Tell us in the comments below. 

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