When Love Has Been Lost {Behind The Blog}

by Monique on September 30, 2014 · 0 comments

A neighbour knocked on my door and, with tears in her eyes, told me “he’s dead…”

When love is lost

She was talking about the man she had been in love with for the last two years.

What do you say when love has been lost? 

As I passed her tissues and listened to her talk about him, I tried to empathise by imagining myself in her position. The thought horrified me. I couldn’t imagine my life without my Mr.

What do you do when love has been lost?

I hope I only have to face that hurdle when I’m a very old lady, surrounded by grandchildren I adore. But today, while browsing through some lovely wedding sites (instead of doing my workout), I happened upon a story about one brave bride who brought tears to my eyes.

Bride-to-be Janine had everything planned for her wedding but, about two months before the day, her fiancé John unexpectedly passed away. In the following video you can hear her story and see what she did after love was lost…

Shoo, it really makes one think! You can see her photo session, by Del Sol Photography, here.

All I can say is that, instead of thinking of what you would do if love was lost, think about how you can cherish every minute you have with the people you love and thank God for the time you have with them. That’s my plan anyway.

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