DIY: How to make a simple flower crown

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From big, bold and beautiful to serenely simple, there’s a flower crown for every kind of girl. I decided to give it a go and make one.

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Ever since I saw this handmade bridal flower crown, I’ve been a bit obsessed. There’s no denying how popular flower crowns have become. For the last two, maybe three years, we’ve seen this wedding and fashion continue to trend gain momentum.

If you’re thinking of making a flower crown, whether it’s for an engagement photo session, wedding or for simply to wear around the house, here’s what you need…

The Materials

  • A thick pliable wire for the base – I bought roll of wire from a hardware shop years ago
  • Thin but strong wire – I bought jewellery wire from a bead shop
  • Faux flowers and foliage – I got mine from Super Floral
  • Super glue (optional)
  • Pliers – I found thin-nosed jewellery pliers, available at beading stores, worked well

Flower crown DIY

Step 1: Create the base for the crown

Bend the thick wire into a circle that fits comfortably sits on your head, without sliding down.

Step 2: Add the foliage

Wrap the faux foliage to the wire base of the crown, securing it with the thin wire. Make sure you wrap the wire tightly, using the pliers to press down the ends so that you don’t any sharp edges poking your scalp.

Flower crown DIY soft mid dream light_DSC2467

Step 3: Have fun with the flowers

If you have large faux flowers, start adding them just as you did with the foliage. However, if you’re going for the subtle look and have small flowers like I did, you might need to grab that super glue. I found it helped to glue small flowers them to parts of the faux foliage or stem.

And Tra-La-La, you have a flower crown. 

Not a DIY diva or don’t like the way your flower crown turned out?

I hear you. I like my little flower crown but, I want something a bit fancier for photo sessions so, I bought one from Samantha of Sunkissed Handmade. She makes some exquisite floral crowns. You can check her range at

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